24 Hrs Service
Projects Handling
Riding Crew
Alignment and Testing on site
Troubleshooting of Electrical, Electronic, Pneumatic and Hydraulic Systems
Transportation and Material Handling

Shipbuilding /


Repairs, Rewinding, Modification and Servicing of all brands of AC/DC Motors and Generators and Rotors
Electrical Maintenance and Reconditioning & Overhauling works of all electric equipment and power generation system
Electrical cables, trays, tubing, supports and raceway installation
Instrument cable laying and calibration
Tray and junction boxes installation
Electrical and instrument hookup
Auxiliary equipment installation
Slip ring rotors and commutator
Electrical and Electronic Control System
Fabrication of Main Switchboard and Starter Panel
Infra-red scanning (Hot Spot Detection)
Winch control panel
Modification of AVR
Calibration of Breakers / Meters
Automatic Synchronisation and load sharing of generators
Dynamic Balancing of Rotors and Impellers
Trouble Shooting of Alternator
AC GEN Stator Rewinding
FD Fan CW Rotor Balancing
Magnetic Separator
AC Generator Rewinding (Flatwire)
Rotor Balancing
6.6kV motor with white metal bearing
Generator Rotor
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